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"We Rise by Lifting Others."

SacredHand Canada believes in a charitable model that includes obtaining the right aid, delivered to the right people, at the right time. Our vision is guided by Muslim principles of charity (Zakat), benevolence (Sadaqa) and love. We strive to achieve a value system that leaves no one behind. 


The Fight Against Hunger

Help us provide top quality meals to the families who need them most.

Our Projects

We're dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people in our community. We serve several diverse clientele across the GTA to help address inequalities and poverty being experienced by various population segments who often go unnoticed. 


Food Bank

Providing monthly groceries and essential items to families in need.

Image by Eli Solitas

Funeral Services

Providing aid for funeral services.


Ramadan Project

Providing iftar, suhoor, gifts and food during Ramadan and Eid.

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Funding a child's education and securing a prosperous future for them.


Shelter Support

Helping the homeless access safe living spaces. 

Image by Patty Brito

Medical Aid

Ensuring equal access to medical aid for all members of the community.



Take a glimpse at what our organization has accomplished and what type of events we participate in.

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SHC Mussallah

SacredHand Canada

Iqamah (Jamat) Timings

Friday, Jumma Khutbah starts at 1:30pm. Iqamah starts at 2:00pm.

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