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About Us

SacredHand Canada was established by a network of women and youth in 2008.SacredHand. (SHC) is a Registered international Canadian Charity. Founded in Ontario, Canada. SHC's operations are uniquely volunteer run. Our organization operates several projects to provide services on the front-line by supplying food and hygiene kits to single-family units, seniors, refugees and immigrants, people living with disabilities and people with limited mobility. We deliver culturally sensitive and relevant provisional items by placing ourselves in the shoes of our beneficiaries. Our front-line experience and and knowledge helped us understand to address systemic issues behind the cause and allow us work towards collective solutions. SHC constantly assuming the position of a team effort and realizing that more can be accomplished with collaborative work and shared goals.


SacredHand Canada (SHC) is a Registered international Canadian Charity. Founded in Ontario, Canada. SHC's mission is to work with all communities in different roles without discrimination. SHC's focus is to help individuals living with mental health challenges, homelessness, disability, and domestic violence. Our work is inspired and based on Canadian values of human dignity, self-reliance, and social justice. We are a grassroots organization thriving to make a difference in individual lives for over fourteen years. Our organization fulfills the nutritional and provisional needs of all qualifying individuals from impoverished and marginalized backgrounds, without the consideration of race, gender, religion, or status.


SacredHand Canada believes in a charitable model that includes obtaining the right aid, delivered to the right people, at the right time. Our vision is guided by Muslim principles of charity (Zakat), benevolence (Sadaqa) and love. We strive to achieve a value system that leaves no one behind. SacredHand’s vision is to support Mental Health, Stand Against Domestic Violence & Abuse. The unfortunate reality for many innocent and vulnerable people is domestic violence and abusive situations at home. We stand against all forms of abuse. Above all, SHC believes in actively providing our support in enabling abuse victims to get back on their feet and step into the world with dignity to secure their futures. SHC Selects the target group(s) that best aligns with our organization's primary activities. We strive to achieve a value-system that leaves no one behind.

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