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Children's Education

Funding a child's education

All Canadians are legally required to attend school from ages 5 to 18. But there are many who are forced to withdraw from their ambition of gaining knowledge.

Education Funding:

We believe that education is a right that every child deserves across the globe. With the help of many volunteers and funding from our amazing community, we make it so that every child gets the help they need in navigating their school and education career. We have tutors who help refugees gain an understanding of the Canadian education system in order to put them on the right path, we also help those who can not afford to, prosper in their education. With your help we can make the dreams of students come true, we can further help spread knowledge and the passion of learning to youth.

Education is a right for all. We believe that education holds the key to success, and to help individuals and the community at large.
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